About Us

ChemAlone is the Chemical Engineers Network throughout the world, a knowledge shearing platform. We have collection of resources by which you can improve your skills, learn new skills and can share your experience and expertise on this platform. This platform will be very useful to all young engineers, Students and Experienced Engineers.

As a member of ChemAlone, you will get access to all Contents, Videos and Downloads. You will also get authority to modify any topic or post if it is wrong or add something more about it. You can also participate in our discussion forum or start any discussion. Mission There are lot of resources on the internet available for chemical engineering but the problem was that none of them were on an organise manner. This website is all about chemical engineering working on constantly organise all that resources available and creating new useful resources to excel the Chemical Engineers. To connect all chemical engineers throughout the globe Vision “Be a Fuel in all chemical engineer’s will of fire, Serving them constant knowledge and new developments with refreshments of Basic Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering.

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