Ribbon Type Impeller

Ribbon Type Impeller

-For viscous materials, normally with Reynolds numbers of less than 10, the
helical impellers shown in figure 6-10 and anchor impellers are typical.

-This is very effective in providing visual blending though out large-scale
systems in viscous fluids and typically operates at speeds as low as to 15 rpm.
This is considerably lower than the speed of radial mixing impellers.

Double Helical Ribbon Stirrer

-This Impeller generally recognized as the best all around high viscosity,
laminar flow impeller. It is the most efficient blender of all existing close
clearance agitators.

-The double flight helical ribbon impeller is also good for heat transfer and
blending of liquids and solids from the surface. Generally used for applications
where viscosities are ordinarily greater than 30,000 MPa.

Horizontal Ribbon Stirrer


-Ribbon Blender can be used in horizontal pattern as shown below figure. It is
used in mixing process in mixer where material inter at one side of mixer and
can be out other side of mixer.

-Triple-action agitation ensures thorough blending and mixing with capacities
from 13 to 106 cubic feet. Product is moved simultaneously in opposite
directions while the mixing action of the ribbons moves the product across the
heat transfer surface completing the blending or heat transfer process.

Screw Type Ribbon Stirrer

-It is reasonably efficient high viscosity, laminar flow impeller. Blend times
are about the same to somewhat longer than the double flight helical ribbon

-The central screw can effectively pull down solids and liquids from the surface
when the helical ribbon is pumping up.

-Generally used for applications where viscosities are ordinarily greater than
30,000 MPa. Heat transfer coefficients are only slightly less than the double
helical ribbon impeller.

Material of Construction

-Stainless Steel 304 or 316. Features of Ribbon Stirrer

Features of the Ribbon Stirrer

-Easy to cleaning and simple operation.

-Special seal to prevent the inflow of anti-substance from the axis wear.

-The maximum effect with ribbon type impeller.



-Proven the best high viscosity, laminar flow impeller

-Helical ribbon impellers provide the highest-quality low speed mixing for high
viscosity liquids and solids. Thrust can be provided in either upward or
downward directions.

-Uniform blending throughout the volume of the vessel is easily achieved with

-Highly effective in heat transfer

-Efficiently incorporates surface liquids and solids

-For viscosities over 30,000 Mpa

-This is fitted for equal mixture of and liquid in the pharmaceutical, food and
chemical industry.

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