Six Blade Flat Turbine


-Turbine is one type of impeller turning at high speed on a shaft mount
centrally. The blade may be straight, curved, pitched or vertical. Diameter of
it is ranging from 30 to 50 % of tank dia. It contains two, three, four or eight
blade depending upon the process requirement. The flow is discharged redially
and splits into two equal flows after leaving the blade tips. Suction is equal
from top and bottom. Flat blade turbines are used when radial flow and high
shear is desirable. This impeller is ideal for immiscible liquid emulsion
applications. It is often used as a “clean-up” or “tickler” for agitating the
very bottom of a tank or keeping a bottom tank discharge clean. Da/W=5 ,Np=6.2

-It is effective over a very wide range of viscosity, in low viscosity liquid
turbine generate strong current which destroy stagnant pockets. They generate
radial as well as axial motion Approx. speed of this ranging from 200 to 250
meter/min. Larger viscosity greater must be the blade angle to keep low power
requirement. We can provide more than one FBT on single shaft depending upon
process requirement. For that we calculate:

NO. OF AGITATOR = ( Max. Liquid Height * Avg. Sp.Gravity) / Tank dia.

-The blade angle ranging from 30 to 60 for curved blade turbine Diameter of the
agitator is generally kept between third to sixth of the tank diameter.


-Dispersing two liquid

-Suspending solid in liquid

-Polymer Industries

-Dyes Industries


-Pharmaceutical Industries

-Sugar Industries


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